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Physical growth, mental and spiritual in our lives

Experiences of Life II

Por Iván R. Balconies, BS, MS, PhD

Copyright reserved, 2014 *

The human body is a "perfect machine" designed to function optimally in order to achieve the objectives for which it was planned and designed. Compound system organ, all work in unison and in sync so that the whole, body, I'm alive and continue their physical development, with the changes that this development implies.

Continuing the parallel machine human body, the first to operate requires the use of energy, in most cases the gas or other petroleum. The use of this energy causes the machine to meet its primary objective. So, the human body needs to consume energy, in this case in the form of food to meet that goal of being alive and continue to develop.

Our requirements of nutrients for the body to perform vital functions optimally, can only be satisfied with the right combination of foods, in the right quantity, specified quality and time set by the nature of the body. Nutritionists, the Nutritionist, take into account the nutritional needs of each person to design, precisely, food combining, the amount, the quality and the times that everyone should consume.

We have all experienced the different stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and now we, age correctly. We recall how the nests fed with baby food, juices and milk; gradually changed food combining, in some cases based on the changing nutritional needs, in many others in more happy to our palate. For us adults correctly, as for younger people, optimal diet need not be, necessarily, tasteless, tasteless and unpalatable. We can enjoy our food, much more than in the previous stages. IRBR.

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