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Physical growth, mental and spiritual in our lives

Experiences of Life III


Por Iván R. Balconies, BS, MS, PhD

Copyright reserved, 2014 *

The changes that occur in our bodies and systems (liver, brain and other organs, circulatory, nervous system and other systems) are determined at the time of conception, when the pace of change is also set in our lifetime. However, this rate, when in our development and how large will these changes, are different in each individual. Hence almost all habits to achieve a full life, physically speaking, should vary for each of us. Health experts, After examine "personalize" their recommendations to suit each case.


It is the responsibility of each of us implement these recommendations and, depending on how we feel affect, informed specialist, for him to make appropriate changes. The best specialist for each person is listening intently to his patient and the patient is the best, disciplined practice the advice of.

Generally in all of us lives a specialist in something; we are more knowledgeable about certain subjects than others. Most of us are experts in our own diseases, seamos doctors automotive mechanical, which makes us fall, not just medicate but also attempts to prescribe medicines for other diseases. This practice exists in many societies including certain specialists, human being who are prejudiced about themselves. They say the worst psychologist to psychologist is himself, said it can be generalized to other professions.


With these comments in mind back to the subject of the nutritional needs of our bodies and how to help the Nutritionist us to recommend the best combination of food and the proper way to consume, for our body as a whole has a "solid structure" and so the other two integral side triangle,es (mind and spirit) find the optimal environment to function and develop.


Now I am aware that a single entity, physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually, I'm ready to continue this revealing adventure that is every day of my life. Each day sometimes comes to seem a boring repetition of all those yesterdays. Nothing wrong: every waking, every dawn, every moment of "now" is the wonderful gift that our Higher Self gives us an opportunity to continue to be happy and if we believe that we are not, back to the path of peace and serenity that is always within reach just ask for it. IRBR.


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