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Physical growth, mental and spiritual in our lives

IV Life Experiences


Por Iván R. Balconies, BS, MS, PhD

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The Joy of Living. The theme of each day of our lives, from the moment we wake, Joy must be. The joy of being alive one more day, able to give thanks to the Supreme Being that allows this, expressing our gratitude in silence or a prayer aloud at that moment. We should be glad because soon witness the magic of another bright dawn, although physically cloudy day, as further evidence of the order that exists around us, as we said in my day young: "Precise as the Swiss movement". Course, God has no nationality and is not as accurate as those relojitos; no, it is not, because He is perfect.

Personally I delight in these reflections and prayers at the start of the day because they are like food for my soul and it is my first conscious contact with God. But also, every morning, wake up the other two sides of my whole triangle: my mind and body. These stages are the important addition of mi spiritual life, because while alive on this planet are indispensable to the survival of that "I integral". Thus, paying attention to you immediately: as awake.

Our being, mind, body and spirit, possess the most advanced sensors, manufactured by someone up there from conception. Sensors human technology ever, but it can never create throughout its existence. The deck of a modern airliner dozens of indicators shows what happens inside and outside the spacecraft during its supersonic operate. The "boards" of our whole being are millions of times more sensitive than any fighter aircraft. When I heard this comparison, lo admito, Dude, however, the exo, precisely, the benefit of the doubt. But to pay more attention to my whole, I learned the following.

Upon waking my body experiences, for example, bone pain, as my granny, if the temperature around me is very cold; complain and my muscles cramp, either because yesterday I did a lot of exercise or at night because I was in the wrong position; feel chest discomfort for several reasons, and many more physical sensations that if we put enough attention, we realize the fidelity of these sensors mentioned above and sending us very accurate information than you feel our physical, to immediately take action and correct it if something bothers us, and our medical, a tecito, a coffee or something that makes us feel better.

And our mind what? As she is located in our brain and waking up, immediately start to work, usually with some happy thoughts, if not sad and negative. So we must, as wake, thank God for this new day asking him not to allow our thoughts govern our living. Lee asked that he, by his grace and through our spirit governing, our life's today's. We heed our body according to the information of those supersensores already talked send us and so act accordingly for our own good and that of others. IRBR.


How do you get a physical balance, for mental and spiritual happiness and inner peace?


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