Life Experiences VII. PATIENCE

Physical growth, mental and spiritual in our lives

Por Iván R. Balconies, BS, MS, PhD

PATIENCE. Everyone, from kids, possess different degrees of this virtue, patience, in this case defined as our ability to withstand certain situations without feeling nervous or lose your cool. So, It can be said that an individual patient is one who often altered. How each person handles that virtue in your life depends on self-control of his emotions. In the next paper we will try TOLERANCE, which is not necessarily synonymous with PATIENCE.

Our threshold or ability to maintain patience "spoilage" situation changes over time, either to increase or decrease. However, We can generalize that most people get older we become so impatient every day, especially to changes in our environment and sometimes to ourselves.

On previous occasions we have mentioned the difficulty we have to change our routines, to do different things from day to day. Willpower helps us to adapt to change with the minimum stress, which requires a rigorous self-discipline.

We adults fully, if we wish to lead a quiet life and peaceful, we must always be aware that our tendency is to alter us when something in our environment and activities change, because often "lose patience", We alter and alter to those around us.

I remember going once to visit a friend at a rest house for adults in full, one of his complaints was that, and in his own words: "All of these are very old outrageous all the time, so I prefer to be alone or away from them ". I remembered that when he was young he was one of the loudest of the group. This is a case for some, cheerful and loud talking is a nice way to share and live, while for others it is a true martyrdom. Everyone ages at their own pace and in their own way.


But as the case of my friend, you must be aware of the aspects of daily life that we alter, to find within ourselves the solution to these negative factors we consider others and they really are just a reflection of our low threshold of patience.

Patience is not passive before disrupting us, and is not to react to our environment, far from a simple lump it. It is our ability to serenely accept what we do not like or what we disagree. Personally, I try to exercise my patience to change what upsets me peace without affecting the other, and when that is not possible, accept the situation taking it as an opportunity that life puts in my power for continuous personal inner progress.

In my case one of my character traits in which I tried to improve my habit of thinking, feel and do everything "to hurry", This is due to the low threshold of patience that I developed for several reasons. That impatience for the result of what we think, and I feel as soon as possible, has led me to situations of distress and frustration. Haste does not allow me to view situations objectively and calmly and therefore often make wrong decisions.

A colleague told me when we met that I was an example of those people who find them anywhere to see them come to hurry, we greet hurry, hurry to say goodbye, but when they are asked: hears, Where are you going so hurry? The friend hastily replies: "I do not know but right now back". An exaggeration doubtless, but exemplifies the fact that haste is generally unnecessary, frustrating and result of our lack of patience. IRBR.

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