Why is recommended to help at home for seniors?

Our experienced assistants provide security, company, emotional support, nutrition, and medication reminder. Our team is trained to provide support for daily activities, increase self-esteem, accident prevention and motivate our customers.

Why is it advisable to add to the family home of the largest?

We aim to find and hire the assistant. PLÉNITUDE ® reduces stress and depression in the family. Our services allow the family to enjoy quality time with their elders instead of focusing on stressful daily needs. Reconciling work activities with those of home and family can be overwhelming and even frustrating, with our service you can have some time to carry out their activities.

How I can give my parents or elders a better quality of life?

Older adults who remain at home are able to maintain the lifestyle they are used and enjoyed throughout your life. In this way retain their objectives. His family and friendly environment, also can assist their stores, restaurants, parks and familiar environments.

What if my assistant is indisposed or ill?

PLÉNITUDE ® has a team of assistants that if a person is sick or indisposed exist someone to cover the needs to provide the service.

How supervise assistants?

In PLÉNITUDE ® we constantly monitor our staff through our ongoing monitoring through phone calls and home visits.

Do they provide these services in retirement homes or nursing homes?

Yes, can provide service where we are required. Whether during a hospital stay or a retirement or nursing home to count with the personal attention you deserve.

What is the added value it gives me PLÉNITUDE ® and what makes them different from other companies?

The services we provide are tailored to meet each client's individual needs. We are ready to assist when required. Always treat your family like ours.

PLÉNITUDE ® Why use instead of hiring someone that is advertised in the newspaper?

All our staff is examined and properly trained, plus we have a network of trained and reliable workers to provide the service you need. Our process includes criminal background check, psychological tests to measure the level of provision for the care and ethics.