Routine, Disciplina y Ritmo

Life Experiences VI


Por Iván R. Balconies, BS, MS, PhD

Copyright reserved, 2014 *

Routine, Disciplina y Ritmo. Few moments commented on the need to accept our reality as it is and makes our environment and people as they are. As an adult I have lived fully several years for me to learn what are the benefits of a balanced practice these three concepts: Routine, disciplina y ritmo.

Recently I mentioned this topic to a friend, fully as adult, and his response was the following: "Routine that stuff, discipline and pace that you count is fine for kids, but we are too old to change habits ".

With great respect to my colleague but I am convinced that we are never too old to change, especially if it is to become a better human being.

From the moment we are born our mothers help us start a daily routine of sleeping, eat, move diapers, bañarnos, etc.. As we advance in age activities change, but they are still a routine; ie a sequence of activities that are repeated throughout the day, daily.

The routine in our lives, viewed positively, allows us to be organized and carry out what we need to live comfortably. Namely, routine is positive and encouraging when we are aware of the benefits it provides the repetitive sequence of activities, when we perform with gusto to live pleasantly with others. It may even be a creative activity, as feeling comfortable and relaxed, God allows us to express the best of ourselves.

However, rutin considerada negatively, felt like something that enslaves us and we are forced to make, many, we reluctantly, reluctantly. For example, our work, these activities in the bore, to disturb our peace and makes us feel physically tired but really we're not. We will see, to consider yourself the discipline, how repetitive actions, routine, is the result of disciplined minds and attitudes.

La discipline can definirla, for purposes of this discussion, as the set of activities performed neatly in time and space to benefit themselves and those around us. For example: if I live with a group breakfast at seven o'clock, I as a member of that group must be disciplined in order to get up and be present in the dining room at seven o'clock. Being disciplined means high level of consciousness and personal control for certain personal or beneficial habits sociably.

Discipline as a personal virtue is necessarily formed by certain daily routines that benefit us and benefit others. Military discipline, as a general concept for example, order includes our belongings, personal cleanliness, Punctuality, respect myself and others, etc., these attitudes and activities incorporated a discipline, Military or whatever.

Rhythm is the rhythmic order in the succession of routines that perform. That is what we do have time and motion that allow us to do anything consciously and calmly. For example: rhythmically speaking is to communicate slowly to make us understand that our voice and ideas expressed are not unpleasant to our partners. Camino slowly, another example, allows us to keep balance and tread safely. Walk to hurry or rush to do things not generally restless and does not contribute to distress and physical, our mental or emotional and other.

The habit of performing our daily activities to a "steady rhythm" begins with organized thoughts that lead us to have attitudes and actions that allow us to do our daily tasks, timely, efficient and respectfully,es. IRBR.

Share with us how you practice these habits.